10 de enero de 2010


Returned to Corozal on Friday to fine garbage thrown all over my garden. "What the heck?" I thought. "Much be my neighbour´s dog messing with the garbage." However after taking a walk into town yesterday in 68 degrees of wing and drizzle, I realize there was more garbage thrown around in other areas on Ninth Avenue, which is the highway in andout of Belize here in the North. I also later heard some one mention that the garbage situation was a problem in Corozal now as the Town Board and the Garbage Collecting Company were not getting along.

Now come on Mr. Mayor!!! If you will have a fight with this company you need to have a plan B already in place. You need to go back to the system before we had the garbage company!!! YES YOUR TOWN BOARD WORKERS IN THE TRUCK need to get up and go out and pick up the garbage. This is the time of the year when tourist start coming into Corozal for the medical work they do for the next two months. Lets let them see a clean Corozal, please!!!