3 de enero de 2009


January 3rd is here. Already three days into the new year. We must have plans as to what we want this year to be like. I know I have much that I want to do and things I want to enjoy. So far Christmas and the New Year were both wonderful. I usually have a great time with Carolyn and Ciarra and while I missed them tremendously this year I was okay. It would have been complete if they were all here but we phoned and that helped.

How time flies when you are busy still amazes me. There is so much we can be doing that would be insignificant and so much we can do that can add meaning to our lives. I trust that each and everyone one in the Yo Puedo Group realizes that we are not here on this earth to sit back and let others do things for us. We have got to take control of our surroundings.

This goes for things we think the government should do for us all that we can do for ourselves. Since the time of Mayor Olga Marin, the people of Corozal have been used to the idea of cleaning the area outside of their fences. Well, guess what? I think it is time for the Mayor, Mr. Hilberto Campos to go one step further. The drains are in a deplorable state and we need to help keep them clean. Especially if you have a glutted drain in front of your house, and it rains, the water will be unable to flow. You then are faced with a health problem for it becomes a breathing place for mosquitoes and mosquitoes bring dengue. Presently, Fifth Avenue in the area south, two blocks up from the Civic Centre has stagnant water. I believe that something needs to be done, and done fast! Let's not wait for things to get bad. Let's work together and make Corozal a better place in which we live.

Now, let's not think that we are responsible for everything in this beautiful jewel we call Belize. The streets need to be fixed. Let's leave that to the government with a notice. The tourist looks at three things when they visit:
the streets, the people and how clean the country is.

Let's work so that Corozal can be beautiful. Remember: we each have a role in this life time and mine is to help others see that Corozal can be a top class country.

Members of the Yo Puedo group, you can help make a difference. It is time to start telling the mayor about the streets and start cleaning the drains in front of your homes.

Todos digan YO PUEDO!!

With Love,
Ms B
Yo Puedo Group
Corozal Town, Belize

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