19 de febrero de 2016

Persimmon Sauce RECIPE FOR TODAY

Persimmon recipes

Persimmon Sauce
2 Fuyu persimmons 
A vanilla pod, or seeds 
Whole cane sugar 
1 apple 
1 glass of water 
Ground cinnamon 

1. Peel the persimmons and apple. Cut them into regular cubes for an even cooking. 

2. In a chef pan, make the diced apple stew gently with the two peeled persimmons, vanilla, and sugar, covered with a glass of water. Simmer slowly until the apple begins to melt. 

3. Chill the sauce and it’s ready! You can pulse the sauce for a smoother result but this is truly optional. 

Tips: Spread the persimmon sauce on puff pastry circles and bake a few minutes in the oven.

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