9 de diciembre de 2016

Rice Krispy Ornaments ~Easy Christmas Treats ENGLISH RECIPE FOR TODAY

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Rice Krispy Ornaments ~Easy Christmas Treats
by A Thrifty Mom
2 Tbsp. Butter
10 oz. Bag Marshmallows
Red and Green Food Coloring
6 Cups Krispy Rice Cereal
In a sauce pan over low heat melt 1 Tbsp. Butter and then add half of the Marshmallows. Stir frequently and add 10 drops of food coloring to start. Add additional food coloring until desired color is achieved. Slowly add 3 cups of the Krispy Rice to the pan over low heat and stir to coat.
Remove from heat and let cool until you can comfortably handle it. Oil or spray your hands so the mixture won’t stick. Make 3 inch balls rolling the mixture between your hands. Place on waxed paper. While the ornaments are still sticky top with a Rolo. Repeat the process for the other color. Serve or store in an airtight container.

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