1 de diciembre de 2016



Buñuelos o tortillas fritas

Fritters or Tortillas Fritters


For 8 fritters

1 package wheat tortillas
50 g of sugar
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
Olive oil for frying

1.- Mix the sugar with a tablespoon of cinnamon to taste.

2.- Heat olive oil in a large skillet. Do not let it get too hot because these tortillas should fry very slowly. Place a tortilla in the oil and let it brown on one side. You will see how it is inflated. When you see the golden edges, turn it around. You can give it more than two turns in order to be crispy.

3. When golden, remove the wheat tortilla from the pan and leave it in a dish on absorbent kitchen paper towel. Sprinkle some sugar with cinnamon on top. Do the same with all the tortillas.

4.- Once cold, if you have leftovers,  leave them on a plate in a cool and dry place so they do not absorb moisture from the environment. They will last you several days, well, if you do not finish them sooner.

Children love these to snack on at birthdays or any day.

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