25 de septiembre de 2016

Corn Cake with Cheese - A Spanish Recipe translated in English


Corn Cakes with Cheese
1 Kilo of Precooked Corn Flour
3/4 kilo cheese
1/4 cup vegetable oil

Make corn flour into dough following recipe on packaging. Place dough in a bowl and season with salt. If necessary, pour a little water, it must become  a manageable mass, neither too soft nor too hard. Knead for 20 minutes. Stretch the dough on a surface with a rolling pin until a centimeter thick. Cut dough with circular molds eight centimeters in diameter.

Aside, grate cheese using the thicker side of the grater. Grab a circular formed piece of dough and place abundantly grated cheese in the center. Cover with another circular piece of dough  and seal with fingers that you wet in water. Proceed the same way with the rest of dough.

Heat a griddle over low heat then place the corn cakes with a little oil spread evenly over it and allow to brown on both sides. Note that the oil is not placed on the griddle but on the corn cake. You can also cook the corn cake in a nonstick skillet, over very low heat.

Place hot corn cake in a deep dish or plate and on each corn cake, put a cube of butter and garnish with pepper for color.

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