14 de marzo de 2017

French Toast with Ham and Arugula RECIPE FOR TODAY

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French Toast with Ham and Arugula
- 2 Slices Bread
- 2 Eggs
- 1 cup of Milk
- Ham
- Cheese
- Arugula
- Butter

1. Mix and eggs with milk (vanilla extract should be used because we are making these salty this time, it can be put or not to taste)
2. Soak bread in milk mixture.
3. Heat butter in non-stick pan, and place bread first on one side then on the other. Do two slices of bread for a complete French Toast with Ham and Arugula serving.
4. Sauté ham in skillet.
5. Melt cheese on top of ham.
6. Mount on bread and add arugula.
7. Cover with second slice of bread and enjoy!

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