17 de julio de 2016

Easy Breakfast Tostadas RECIPE FOR TODAY

Easy Breakfast Tostadas


1 whole grain flour, corn or GF tortilla per person (homemade tortillas are the best!)
2 eggs per person you’re serving
Leftover taco meat, refried beans or fajita ingredients
Sour cream
Pico de gallo (or salsa)
Diced avocado (or guacamole)
Shredded cheese
Finely chopped fresh cilantro


1. Place tortillas in 250-degree oven to allow them to slowly crisp-up (about 5-8 minutes).

2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. In a large bowl, whisk eggs with just a bit of water or milk, until foamy.

3. Add some butter or olive oil to the hot pan and then carefully pour in the eggs. Using a whisk (or wooden spoon), gently stir eggs until curds form. Switch to a spatula to turn over eggs until cooked, but not dry. Transfer to a large bowl and cover.

4. Place the scrambled eggs, tortillas and all of the remaining ingredients out on the counter to form a build-your-own Breakfast Tostada Buffet.

5. Then, hand everyone a plate and take turns creating your own delicious tostada – definitely a fun and healthy way to start the day!

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